We are a team of Military, Law Enforcement and Special Operations members bringing our talents and skills together to bring elite training to you.

Andrew Martinson (Instructor)

Marine infantry veteran, certified in CQB, Urban warfare, Mounted Vehicle Special Operations certification. Amphibious Assault Course, Combat First Aid, various other accredited courses and weapons training. Instructor for Foundry Tactical. Focused on continued education and training. Always looking to learn new skills and wants to create quality training for personal protections, private security, and law enforcement.

Chris VanCamp (Instructor Trainer)

Chris VC is a US Army veteran, a certified Illinois firearms instructor, and USCCA certified instructor and has a long history with numerous accredited training agencies in close quarters combat (CQC/CQB), vehicle dynamics & tactics, combat operations, and combat first aid, along with other noteworthy certifications. He is an instructor, but also a student and is always training and learning new ways and methods to protect his family and advance in the personal protection and security industry.

Ken Morahan (Instructor)

Ken is currently an active law enforcement officer in the west suburbs of Chicago. He is a law enforcement firearms instructor, and has numerous accredited training certificates in CQB, active shooter response, close-quarters handgun, red dot pistol, vehicle operations/rescue tactics, along with other noteworthy certifications. He is an instructor and a student who continues his education by learning new ways and methods to develop his craft.

Jeremey Esquivel (Instructor)

Currently working as active law enforcement, I have gone through multiple training programs such as officer down response, patrol tactics, defensive tactics instructor courses, and instructor development. I’ve also gone through multiple SWAT programs and trained at locations such as The Site, The MAAC Foundation, and ADAMAX Tactical. My main focus at Foundry Tactical is to teach the skills that I have developed to others,  continue to develop my own training and work to contribute practical educational courses to the law enforcement community.

Michael Shake (Instructor)

Michael is a Sergeant in the western suburbs of Chicago with over 15 years of officer/deputy experience. He is an Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board certified Police Firearms Instructor and has a Master Firearms Instructor certification from the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois. Further, Michael also has certificates in Police Tactical Firearms and Police Strategy and Tactics. In addition to that, he has previous ambulance experience and is a Stop The Bleed instructor. Michael began teaching Illinois Concealed Carry in 2014 and is excited to bring his skills, experience, and love of teaching to the students of Foundry Tactical. 

Mike Prohaska (Instructor)

Mike has been an active police officer for just under 20 years, he holds firearm instructor certificates through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board as well as the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. In Addition, Mike has served as an instructor in the police academy, teaching new recruits and veteran in-service officers alike.

Andzelika Bugajski (Team Member)

Though newer to law-enforcement she wants to continue to learn as much as she can. She will be working along side Foundry Tactical instructors and wants to continue to grow in her knowledge. She will also be heading up our women’s only CCL course

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