November 26


10:00 am - 04:00 pm

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What are the next steps after you get your CCL? A course designed to answer questions for those wanting more information to prepare for them

Many people who get their CCL have a lot of questions about what comes after you get your license. How do I train? What type of training do I take? Where do those who have limited firearms training or experience go to ask those questions?

We are introducing a course that will focus on what comes after your CCL course. This course can be for those will a lot of firearms training but little to know experience carrying concealed or for those with little to no training or exposure to firearms but wanted the ability to carry concealed.

How often do those who get a CCL practice after that course or from the holster? Most ranges don’t allow it and most of the courses out there are for those with some firearms experience. Besides regular firearms training there are many other factors that need to be trained and reinforced for those who carry. Situational awareness, how to carry concealed, how to draw safely and effectively, what to pay attention to, what are the biggest threats, how do I reduce the chances of a threat, and others.

This class will be set up in several different stages that will be designed to answer a lot of the main questions that we are faced with as new conceal carry holders. We will also be conducting Q and A session to answer specific questions that the students may have. We will also be doing some live fire to provide some time for the students work with their CCW and get some training with their firearms.

We want this course to be as intimidation free for as possible for those who want to attend. We want to provide those resources and information necessary for our students to form a good basis for their continued training and to have the confidence and skills to start taking other continuing education courses.

Course requirements are your EDC pistol and holster or a handgun and holster. Inside the waist band or outside the waist band if you do not yet have an EDC and Holster, two magazines, 200 rounds of ammo, ear and eye protection, appropriate cold weather clothing, hand warmers, drinks and snacks. note pad and pen.