June 3


11:45 am - 04:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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Foundry Tactical

55 W 22nd Street Ste 112, Lombard, IL 60148

Lombard, IL, US, 60148

Close Contact Moving and Shooting

We will be conducting pistol shooting drills designed to reenforce positive shooting habits, increase marksmen ship, and challenge your shot time and shot placement. We will work on reenforcing the fundamentals of shooting for pistols and then move into timed shooting exercises. The Primary focus will be from concealment drills. This will be solely pistols and we will push you outside of your normal comfort level. We want to build muscle memory, shooting positions, improve draw time, accuracy, and time to first shot.

When seconds count you need to be ready to be in the fight and be confident in your abilities to succeed in a defensive situation. This course will start with the fundamentals and then will progress into increasingly harder courses of fire.

This event will not start at the Foundry office , it will be starting at the VFW post 2801 range to cover the safety brief for the live fire portion of the course. This will be all range time.

* Conceal Carry License is a pre-requisite


-Conceal Carry Pistol

-Conceal holster set up

- Ear and Eye protection

- 500 rounds of range ammunition

- 40 dollar range fee