December 24


10:00 am - 03:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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The Compound

25414 South State Street, Crete, IL 60417

Crete, IL, US, 60417

In honor of the best Christmas movie, we will be having a friendly competition range day for top shot for pistol and rifle. Gifts for winner

We will be spending some time at the range celebrating Christmas and the best Christmas movie out there. In honor of John McCane, we will be spending a few hours at the range shooting and competing to see who the best shot for pistol and rifle is that day. There will be a prize for both groups.

This will be a rifle and pistol course so the required gear for both will be as follows,

– Warm weather clothes, gloves, boots, rifle, sling, pistol with level one minimum retention (no SERPA/Blackhawk) 300 rounds rifle, 300 rounds pistol. Cleaning kit, glove warmers, snacks and drinks.

Chest rig, plate carrier, and battle belt are not required but are encouraged. This will be a fun day at the range before the holidays. We would love for you to come out. We are hosting this class as a holiday special with a discounted rate for the holiday.