December 17


11:30 am - 03:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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39 East Saint Charles Road, Villa Park, IL 60181

Villa Park, IL, US, 60181

Holster draw course to work on the next part of defensive training after you have your CCL. How to draw from your CCW holster.

This is a course designed to get more training with your draw from a concealed location. Practicing your defensive shooting, your stance, and your time from draw to first round is the next step in becoming proficient with your CCW.

Many people do not continue to train with their CCW or drawing from a holster or concealed location. We will be practicing dry fire runs first and then we will be working on live fire drills. The focus will be on the USCCA fundamentals for drawing, stance, and grip. We also will be evaluating accuracy and speed.

Accurate rounds on target and a quick draw time will increase your chances of success where you need to draw and fire your concealed carry weapon.

This event will start at Foundry Tactical’s location at 55 W 22nd St Suite 112 at 11:30am. We will be covering all the safety aspects of the range event to ensure that everyone can demonstrate safe weapons handling and that everyone understands what we are expecting for the safety during the live fire portion of the course. We will then break and head over to the range at approximately 12:30pm for our two hours of live fire.

Battle Belt or level 1 retention holster minimum required, you may use your EDC and CCW holster for this course, 200 rounds of pistol ammo, ear and eye protection.