June 4


11:45 am - 04:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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Foundry Tactical

55 W 22nd Street Ste 112, Lombard, IL 60148

Lombard, IL, US, 60148

Holster Draw Course

Most shooters who get there CCL do not train often or at all after their initial class. It is important that we train with our Conceal set up and that we practice drawing from the holster and engaging targets.

Anyone who has not taken a holster draw course often find themself in an uncomfortable position as it is not something they are comfortable or familiar with. We are hosting this course to allow those who want more training and want to be comfortable with their conceal carry.

We will be working by the numbers for the start of this course and get used to drawing and getting the gun on target safely. We will work into live fire and then work on our accuracy and speed.

-* CCL is a pre-requisite

requirements for the course

-Conceal carry pistol

-Conceal carry holster set up

– Two magazines minimum

– 500 rounds of range ammunition

-Ear and Eye Protection

- 40 dollar range fee