June 17


11:45 am - 04:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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Foundry Tactical

55 W 22nd Street Ste 112, Lombard, IL 60148

Lombard, IL, US, 60148

Low light shooting

Practicing and implementing low light training is crucial for training with a firearm. Learning how to properly use a hand held, or weapons mounted light to your advantage, can give you the edge and the time you will need to deal with a threat.

Many firearms owners do not practice with low light training, although, many situations involve a threat in failing or little to no light. There are several other key reasons you need to practice with a light besides the obvious.

- defeating barriers – can your light penetrate tinted windows, or reflective surfaces?

-defeating other lights – can you get your light into use and is it affective enough to defeat other hand held, environmental, or weapon mounted lights?

Foundry Tactical prides itself on giving real world training for situations you may actually face. We not only will talk through the different options, draw backs and the benefits to each, but we will also show you how to implement them.

Whether you are using an EDC (Every Day Carry) light in your pocket or you are using a weapons mounted light on your Concealed Weapon, we want you to join us for high quality training and instruction.

*Conceal Carry Permit Pre-Requisite


- your EDC light either hand held or weapons mounted

- Concealed Carry Weapon

- Holster/ holsters for your CCW

- no Serpa or Blackhawk Holsters

-300 rounds of range ammunition

-hearing and eye protection

- fresh batteries for you light and weapons optics

- 40 dollar range fee