November 12


11:30 am - 03:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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Vfw Post #2801

39 East Saint Charles Road, Villa Park, IL 60181

Villa Park, IL, US, 60181

training on moving and shooting, moving to cover, shooting from cover, moving and magazine changes, identifying and fixing malfunctions

This is a pistol course designed to get more training with moving and shooting. Many shooters do not get a lot of opportunity to shoot from beyond the barriers at indoor ranges. This allows shooters to practice moving and engaging targets in a controlled environment with instructors.

We will be practicing dry fire runs first and then we will be working on live fire drills. The focus will be on the USCCA fundamentals for drawing, stance, and grip. We also will be evaluating accuracy and speed to help develop the shooters skills. We are not going to be forcing students to run these drills as quickly as possible but more timing students to show the improvement they are making. learning how to face encounters while having to move to or from cover and close with a threat are key skills to be able to train.

This course will start at Foundry Tacticals location in Lombard to cover the safety aspects of the training event and get dry fire training with our SIRT guns on targets. We will then transition to the VFW in Villa Park for a safety brief and live fire training.

equipment requirements – Eye and Ear protecting, CCW Holster and/or Battle Belt with Level one retention holster minimum, 200 rounds of pistol ammunition, three magazines. No firearms, magazines, or ammo should be brought into Foundry Tacticals facility, and all firearms, magazines, and ammunition should be brought into the VFW in a secured bag or case. These should be unloaded until cleared to load.