April 2


12:45 pm - 05:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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Foundry Tactical

55 w 22nd St suite 112, Lombard, IL 60148

Lombard, IL, US, 60148

Off hand/ Single Hand shooting

An often overlooked part of training is single hand shooting and off hand shooting. Most shooters get used to using two hands and always practice with the dominant hand on the weapon. This is not a realistic training scenario but works well with static shooting.

There are several reason why you need to train with both your non dominate and single hand shooting.

– injury ( many times people will get injured during a defensive situation which could immobilize their dominate hand)

– dependency ( shooters are too reliant on both hands and do not train to be effective with one)

- low light situations ( if you are holding a light you will not have a strong supporting hand)

** we train this in our low light shooting course

-the other hand is in use ( defending, guiding, protecting – we use are hands for a lot and we might find our support hand other wise occupied)

This course is a great course to participate in and build you training and confidence in how to deploy your conceal carry weapon.


- Conceal carry handgun ( can bring more if you use more than one)

- holster ( no Serpa or BlackHawk) can bring more if you have them

-300 rounds of range ammunition

- Ear and Eye protection

- 40 dollar range fee

* CCL Permit required

* 5 person minimum for course