April 8


10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Identifying Targets and shooting from uncommon positions

Identifying specific targets is much harder to do then shooting the target in front of you or repeating pattern. Shooting from awkward positions and with your non dominant side is equally as hard. Put those together and throw in weapons failures and you have a course designed to train your mental fortitude as much as your physical one.

pushing colors, shapes, numbers, and letters and not just standard paper or steel. Left side, left hand, leaning, side shooting, and shooting through cover is what this course is all about.

being able to react and identify a threat while avoiding non threats is crucial to shots on target and hitting what your shooting at. We want to push home the responsibility shooters have for the rounds they send down range. Can you hit your target while moving between cover? We will find out.

- Finding ourselves in a shooting position we don’t train in would be much more plausible in a real world defense situation.

- having a limited amount of time to identify and threat and placing rounds on target without hitting something you don’t is a real world situation.

- shooting with your off side or off hand happens all the time due to injuries.

We are pushing your comfort level and working to make our students more responsible and more confident.



-Two or three point sling

-Fresh batteries for optics

-500 rounds of range ammunition

- Ear and Eye protection

- Food and drinks ( no dedicated lunch breaks)

– chest rig/ plate carrier are optional if you want to bring them. We want to train how most of us would fight with a battle belt (optional0) or with Magazine pouches attached to our belts.

- Knee/Elbow pads optional (suggested)

- 35 dollar range fee