April 29


10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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The Compound

25414 South State Street, Crete, IL 60417

Crete, IL, US, 60417

Stay in the fight FOUR day course.

*This will be a four day total course- * must have attended each previous day to attend the next starting with day 2 .Day three will be 10am-5pm as the other two classes previously. Day 4 will be 9am to 4pm

Pistol and Rifle event

Improvise – Adapt- Overcome ( our core principles at Foundry Tactical) will all come into play throughout this course. This will be the first multi day, multi level course for the year. We will be working closely with Tim Walsh from Immediate Response Training. This is what this course will consist of.

-day two( 4/29) -introduction to trauma aspect of this event, learning how to to incorporate all of these different skills into a defensive situation.

-day three (5/13) – refresher on trauma aspect learn advanced trauma aspects. Refresher and range time for shooting portion of this event.

-day four (5/14) – combine everything you have learned into the final day. This will be high intensity day and will push the students further then they have ever been. You will be stopping to render aid, stopping blood loss, engaging the threat, working with off handed shooting, weapons failures, team awareness and much more.

This course will have dummies, vehicles, trauma aid, and a long list of extras.

Foundry Tactical and the Immediate Response instructor have a lot of combined years in the military and knowledge in these types of situations. We are looking forward to sharing that with our students and producing a challenging, stressful, and at the end fun course not really available to the general public very often.


attend each previous version of the course- day 2 you must have attended day 1, and so on. There will be no refunds issued if someone fails to attend a date. We may issue a credit for future training events with a case by case basis.

Day 2 for this training event will be closed to the public and have a private access code for sign up. The access code for the following course will be sent out to each of you upon signing up and paying for day 1.

- Rifle with sling

-Pistol with out or inside the waste band holster ( can run concealed ) No Serpa or BlackHawk

-plate carriers/chest rigs are optional ( we want to keep this training close to what you would carry in everyday life. Battle Belt (optional) or magazines attached to your belt) * at the end of the day you are paying for the course so if you choose to wear full gear that is up to you.

-500 rounds of pistol ( entire event)

-1000 rounds of rifle (entire event)

-Food and Drinks (no lunch breaks)

-Zeroed optics

-Sun screen

-Ear and Eye protection

-Knee and Elbow Pads (optional)

-basic first aid ( trauma shears, chest seal, tourniquet, gauze, etc.

-fresh/spare batteries for optics and ear pro

-Day 2 range fee of 30 dollars

-Day 3/4 range fee of 60 dollars