May 27


10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Foundry Tactical

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The Compound

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Crete, IL, US, 60417

Expanding on Vehicle Dynamics one

This course in designed for those who want to expand their training and knowledge of defensive firearms use and want to advance their skill set. In this course we will be continuing to train on how to safely and quickly draw from a concealment and get your firearm on target and tactical reloads. We will revisit all the steps in this process and then graduate to live fire training. We will also work on fighting out of the danger. This is the second part of a two part series for vehicle courses. You will be required to take this course before you can take the second.

We will be introducing TECC into this event which will force students to not only engage threats and fight to their rifle but they will also need to asses trauma. The TECC portion of this course will be overseen by Tim Walsh from Immediate Response Training.

This is great training and finding vehicle courses with Immediate Trauma Care as part of the Course is rare.

-We will be providing a TECC course to students before the class.

– If you have not had one within the last three months you will need to take a refresher course.

-If you signed up for the Stay in the fight courses you will be up to date and will not need a refresher.


– Pistol with your every day configuration ( this should be from concealment)

-Rifle with Sling ( two or three point)

(you can bring more than one if you have multiple carry guns)

– 500 rounds of ammunition for both

– Two magazines minimum

-Ear and Eye Protection

-masks are optional as we will be shooting through windshields

– Food and Drinks ( there is no dedicated lunch break)

-Valid FOID for Illinois residents

-35 dollar range fee